In his post Steve Denning suspects, that Agile Management is therefore a good kept secret among managers, because the wrong people invited it:

Unfortunately, these management discoveries were not made by “the right people”: academics in business schools or high-paid managers in big corporations. The discoveries were made by the people that, in prospect, you would think are the least likely people to have solved a management problem: geeks. Software developers were known to be antipathetic to both managers and management. Badly dressed, unkempt, even sometimes unwashed, speaking about issues that managers could hardly grasp, these employees were the most problematic of a big organization’s employees. How could they possibly have solved a problem that had stumped the finest management minds on the planet for decades?

And then he states, why only those people could have invited Agile principles:

The standard prescriptions of management didn’t work with software development. Something different had to be found.

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