Liferay 6.2 User Interface Design is a good reference book if you’re going to write a Theme for Liferay or Portlets. I was especially interested in responsive design with Liferay and found what I was looking for: A decent introduction how to create flexible grids in a Layout and how to use Bootstrap for responsive Themes. The responsive capabilities of Liferay’s UI framework AUI (which is based on YUI) are also well described.
Since I’ve a lot of experiences with Liferay versions prior to 6.2 I was disappointed that nowhere was clearly stated what’s new in this version and which features and capabilities are specific for 6.2 and which are not. I’m pretty convinced most of the examples in this book would work with 6.1 as well.
I was also a bit surprised that JSF is not mentioned as a possible technology for Portlets, since it is the standard in JEE (not that I would like JSF too much). On the other hand there is a guide how to generate a Portlet with OpenXava, which is a very interesting framework for rapid application development.

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